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visualRAMS ProRAMScan


Custom Process Codes do complicated sequences of tasks with the swipe of a barcode and eliminate hours of admin work.

• Up to 100 signed tickets scanned into your Database at the touch of a button
• Invoices printed along with Service receipts

RAMScan guarantees to save your company time and money, as well as improve your efficiency with any system that we install.

We will gladly meet with you to discuss how we can help you with any data capture requirement that you currently perform or are in the process of developing, that is not currently utilising barcodes.

We can provide you with either an "off the shelf " solution or if you prefer a tailored bespoke system that matches all your requirements now, but has the ability to evolve as your requirements change.


  • visualRAMS ProVisual RAMS Pro - A highly evolved Route Accounts Management System.

  • RAMSmobileRAMSMobile - Designed to meet the special demands of the Waste Industry.

  • RAMSonlineRAMS Online- High quality service for organisations that prefer an online solution.

  • RAMSscanRAMScan - Guaranteed to save time and money, as well as improve efficiency.

  • RAMS Payment PagePaymentPage - Online invoicing and payment solutions for companies.

  • RAMS Payment PageVIRTUALoffice - Document Process Automation.