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visualRAMS ProRAMSMobile

• Handheld or in-cab options
• Mobile data capture
(including signatures, weights, GPS positions & photographs)
• Work Order information available to mobile employees
• Form is fully customisable

RAMS Mobile has been specifically designed from the start to meet the special demands and harsh environments of the Waste Industry. Our design team evaluated the actual driving conditions and observed the challenges faced by drivers. As with all our Waste Management Technology solutions, we continue to research ways to improve the solution to help businesses become more efficient.

Total integration is a key factor to saving valuable time in the office. RAMS Mobile talks directly with our premier waste office management system, Visual RAMS-Pro, to automatically produce route lists including up to the minute changes and dispatches. It also takes care of billing extra services and notifies the proper personnel to resolve service issues. Combine the time saved in the office and on the route to that of fuel and maintenance, and you'll find an exceptionally quick return on investment and faster profitability.

Save on fuel and labour costs
RAMS Mobile warns the driver if a service is missed or out of sequence preventing costly return trips. And the Navigator route service map display cuts the learning time for new and temporary drivers.

The driver sees exactly where to go and what to do next. The Navigator map shows the real-time truck position on the route with images that show service type and status. Standard pickups automatically record date, time and location for "proof of service", while problems can be recorded by simply touching the Service Exception buttons

RAMS Mobile continuously reports truck position and service status to the office while dispatched service changes are quickly sent to the truck computer. The Dispatch Desk displays service status, and can split routes or re-route to cover breakdowns


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