visualRAMS ProPaymentPage

PAYMENT PAGE is as many credit card terminals as you need, without monthly fees and it seamlessly integrates with your business offering:

  • Integration
  • 24/7 support
  • Document Management
  • Logistics

    PAYMENT PAGE works with:
  • Any Invoicing System
  • Any PDA System
  • Manual Tickets

  • PAYMENT PAGE is set up with your company branding, and links to your company systems.
  • Signed tickets placed on the document scanner will be posted automatically on PAYMENT PAGE
  • Customers can be directed to go to PAYMENT PAGE to view their signed tickets
  • PAYMENT PAGE will have clear payment options for the customer to pay the amount due
  • Customer invoicing files to be imported from billing system to PAYMENT PAGE and payment data returned
  • Paperless invoicing for customers
  • Invoices can be printed, stuffed and posted by us for less than the cost of postage per item
  • Customer may receive and print any document from you via PAYMENT PAGE
  • Distribute Duty of Care, Contracts, Recycling reports or any other document without the overhead of printing and posting.
  • PAYMENT PAGE credits an internet merchant account which we help you to create
  • PAYMENT PAGE is the credit card machine everyone can use at the same time
  • Because PAYMENT PAGE is more secure you are likely to pay a lower rate
  • Other functions may be set up, such as service requests and orders, pre-paid orders, recurring charges and more…



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