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visualRAMS ProRAMSOnline

RAMS Online is a solution that allows RAMS to provide a high quality service to organisations that prefer a hosted online solution.

Complete hosted environment includes:

  • high performance hardware environment
  • scalable architecture
  • internet security up to current industry standards
  • server security capable of ensuring hosted clients complete separation. No hosted client should be able to access or even infer information about other hosted companies.
  • very high reliability
  • minimize costs required to maintain the solution, not limited to:
  • Alpine and consultant time
  • Monthly fees from ISP and Licensing
  • ability to print from RAMS-Pro
  • full On-Route support

The end result of this superior solution is applying the power of Visual RAMS-Pro (VRP) to managing your business, while insulating you from the need to manage a specialized IT department.

What do you need to get started?
A Windows XP or Vista computer.

What happens at the end of the day?
When you are ready to leave for the day, log out of RAMS and then log off of AlpineLive by using the Star icon that will be put on your desktop that says "Logoff".

Will I be able to print to local printers?
AlpineLive makes use of improved printing within Windows Terminal Server 2008. You can print to most of the printers you normally use. When you are offered a choice of printers within AlpineLive, you will be able to select your in-house printers from the list.


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